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Go to Rate and Pay and Select Options at the bottom.

1. Enable QuickBooks integration in Rate & Pay options.

  •  Check the Integrate with QuickBooks box.

2.  After enabling you will need to restart Ditat TMS, for the system to register the change.

3.  Create a user for Web Connector.

  • Create a user for Web Connector.



Note password you created. You will need to enter it in the Web Connector later.


The User has to be in QBWebConnectorUsers group.  This group that has been preconfigured with the permissions needed.

User Id best practice

We suggest you name your user as QBWCWebConnector[Company]


Under Rate & Pay new QuickBooks section will be available. Select "Manage Integration."

4.  You will need one user for each company you going to integrate.

5.  Click "Add Company" and following window will pop up:


6.  Select the company to integrate.

7.  Select the user you setup in step #3.

8.  Enter the full path to QB Company file.

9.  Click Ok  to save, the company will be added to company list.


10.  Download *.QBC file by clicking "Get QuickBooks company" button and save it on your computer. This file will be needed later for Web Connector.

11.  Repeat steps #3-10 for each additional company you need to integrate.


When adding additional companies - you have to have different users for each. You cannot map same company twice.


 12.  For status reporting the default, QB Notifications group is already pre-set. However, this group had no users in it, you will need to add all users who need to be notified about integration events to this group. This can be done in Maintain Users screen, or you can reuse a different group with users that need to get those updates (Admins, Managers, etc.)

13.  Specify reporting details. When setting up initially Details is a good choice, this allows you to see all transactions and is good for determining if something is missing. Once the integration is running, the details level can be changed to errors only, or errors and warnings.

14.  Click Save and then Exit.


Ditat TMS is now ready to accept Web Connector sessions!



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