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Dry run

A Dry run is the first time when QuickBooks Web Connector logs into Ditat TMS and performs the action. Once you click "Update Selected" in the Web Connector and it completes without error the Dry run is complete.  The Dry run will do the following:

  1. Ensure that the user permissions are set up correctly and that Web Connector can access Ditat TMS.
  2. The Quick Books list of items will be downloaded and stored in Ditat TMS.
  3. The Quick Books accounts list will be downloaded and stored in Ditat TMS.


Map items

Once a Dry run has completed you will need to specify how Ditat TMS Payment types will map to QuickBooks items during export.


Ditat TMS will export and map Service Items only. Make sure those are set up in QuickBooks, if you add or change items in QuickBooks they will not be visible in Ditat TMS until you run the Web Connector Update again.


  1. In Ditat TMS go to Rate & Pay -> QuickBooks: Manage Integration.
  2. Edit Integrated companies.  Click the Pencil next to each company to map the Default AP Accounts for Settlement Data.
  3. Choose the Default AP Accounts for Settlement Data

  4. Click Map Payment types to items button.
  5. Click Add an item for each link you wish to create and select Ditat's payment type and match to the QuickBooks item. The end result will look like this:
  6. Repeat Steps 4 and 5 for the AP (Settlements) Mapping items.

Map payment types to accounts

Map expense types to accounts

Map advance types to accounts

Map deductions types to accounts

Now the integration is ready to export data between Ditat TMS and QuickBooks!

How to Map New Accounts to QuickBooks

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