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To access tab: System -> Maintain Groups

Click here for information on how to use a data entry window.


The Ditat TMS uses groups to manage users and their access rights. More specifically, you can:

  • Control what users can access
  • Control which users receive messages from mobile devices by default
  • Group users and drivers for easy messaging

User Groups





A group ID, which can be up to 25 characters in length. This ID should be short and unique within the system.


Description of group.


Tree view helps specify what features and functionality will be accessible to the group.


Read-only list displays which users are in this group. To add a user to a group, edit that user in the Maintain Users tab.

General Account Configuration

A general account comes pre-configured with 3 groups:

  •  Dispatchers: these users have limited access. They can view and send messages and track mobile devices.
  • Admins: these users have access to all the functionality and features of the TMS.
  • Mobile Users: these users can only log into Ditat using mobile devices. This group should contain mobile Dispatch users.

Ditat Users Groups Video




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