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This page is used to set up mobile devices for your drivers and mechanics.

To access tab: Mobile -> Maintain Devices

Click here for information on how to use a data entry window. The following is a unique toolbar option for this tab:

View Log

Opens a separate tab that contains a log of the device's activities.





Device Id

Create a new device record by typing in an Id, which can be any combination of up to 25 characters. If the entered device Id already exists in the system, its information will automatically be pulled from the records. You can also search through existing devices by clicking the icon to the right of the space.


This check allows the user of this device to log in. If the flag is unchecked, the user of this device will not be able to log in because this device will not be able to connect to the server.

Device type

Select whether the device is Google(Android) or Apple(iOS).

Owned by

Specify whether the device is owned by the company or is a personal device.

Serial number

The serial number has to be unique and valid. Ditat TMS has to validate each mobile device to make sure that the device's actual serial number matches the serial number on record.

Show Advanced Options

When Checked will open the Advanced Options for the Device.


Advanced Options




Ping Frequency

Select the frequency with which the device will send a ping. Keep in mind that pinging more often will drain battery power faster and use more data. We suggest a ping frequency of 15 minutes for long-haul trucking operations.

Batch Size

This specifies the quantity of information that this device can upload to the server at once. We recommend used a batch size of 50 as an initial setting. This property only matters when the device collects a lot of information when it has no access to the internet. The batch size property will regulate how much information that device can send at once, to not overload the device and the server.

Scale Images

Select the size to which the images sent from this device are scaled. We recommend "Medium" because smaller images require less transfer data, but the smallest size is not optimal for detailed pictures.

Gps mode

Select the GPS mode for this device.

Logging Level

Should Be set to Default, unless you are attempting to troubleshoot the device.


Pick the device's Id wisely. We suggest you use the device's phone number if it is a company-issued device or a combination of owner's name and prefix if it is a device owned by the driver.

GPS Mode

We recommend that if this is a company owned device you should set GPS Mode to always on.  Personal devices should be set to can turn off.

Serial Number

The serial number can be found on the device's "About" screen. Open Ditat Mobile Dispatch, tap the "Menu" button on the title bar and select "About" from a menu. The serial number needs to be typed in exactly the same as it's displayed, including any hyphens. Serial number an iOS device will change if a user deletes and re-installs the application.














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