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Access the QuickBooks Integration via the Rate and Pay menu and Select Manage Integration.

Integrating with QuickBooks


The QB Web Connector Interface allows Ditat TMS to exchange data with QuickBooks.  This article will explain the requirements, how to enable and configure the integration, and what data is being exported/imported.

System Requirements

  1. QuickBooks Premier or Enterprise 2015 and later
  2. Web Connector version 2.2.x.x and later. Download the latest version here and install on a machine which has QuickBooks client installed.
  3. Ditat TMS host accessible from machine QuickBooks is running on.

Set up Integration

There are a few steps to set up the integration. Setup company profiles, user’s access, and permissions, and generate *.QBC file(s) in Ditat TMS.

Then you will setup QuickBooks user, permissions and configure Web Connector. Lastly, do dry run, map items, and schedule the Web Connector.

  1. Follow this guide to enable and configure QuickBooks integration in Ditat TMS.
  2. Follow this guide to prepare QuickBooks file and setup Web Connector for integration.
  3. Follow this guide to perform a dry run, map items, and schedule Web Connector.

What data is exchanged with QuickBooks via Web Connector?

Ditat TMS is a web application that cannot push any data into QuickBooks Desktop. QuickBooks has to initialize a data exchange session, to facilitate this, Intuit developed Web Connector.

When the Web Connector sync starts - it connects to Ditat TMS and requests any new information to be transferred, Ditat TMS will respond and pass tasks and data back to Web Connector. This loop will repeat until all data has been transferred.

Ditat TMS will send all Invoices and Credit Memos to QuickBooks. Ditat TMS will try to apply Credit Memo to latest invoice on the same shipment. Ditat TMS will request a list of Service Items from QuickBooks so you can map them to Payment Methods. Ditat TMS will send new customers and all future customer updates to QuickBooks.  Ditat TMS will send Driver and Carrier settlements to QuickBooks as Vendors.

See the following sections on what information is exported:

Customer export details

Invoice export details

Credit memo export details

Driver Export Details

Carrier Export Details

Checking Integration status and troubleshooting

Every time Web Connector creates data exchange session Ditat TMS will keep an internal report log with everything that happens.  Once complete, a report will be sent to selected users. See Set up integration in Ditat TMS for information on how to set up groups.


Multiple Companies

Ditat supports multiple companies in the following manner:

  1. You can setup different companies in System -> Maintain Companies.
  2. You can set which company will bill for specific Shipment in Dispatch -> Maintain Shipments.
  3. When posting invoice - invoices will be posted under that specific company.
  4. QuickBooks export can be setup to export Invoices to appropriate companies and will sync customer records appropriately.



In QuickBooks, you will have Separate Companies created. You will have separate application profiles in Web Connector. This guide will explain how to setup integration for 1 company, all steps will need to be repeated for each other company.

QuickBooks Integration Video

How to Map New Accounts to QuickBooks


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