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In Ditat there are 2 modes for how to Duplicate Shipments.  You can choose which way for the Duplicate button to work in Dispatch/Dispatch Options Click here for information on where to change the modes for your system.


One by One Duplication


When Ditat is set to One by One Duplication the system will create a copy of the Shipment where you will need to enter new reference numbers and appointment information and charges for this shipment but other information will be set like the original shipment.

Original Shipment



Duplicate Shipment

For the Duplicated shipment you will need to set new Reference numbers set appointment information and set the charges for this Shipment.  All other information will be copied from the original shipment. 

Wizard Shipment Duplication


When Ditat is set to Wizard Duplication the system will give you options of "Number of Copies" or "Date Range" to create duplicate shipments for.


Number of Copies

If you choose "Number of Copies" Ditat will create that many shipments with exactly the same information.


The next screen will give you the shipment numbers that were created.

Those new Shipments will have the exact same information as the original Shipment; you can open the shipments to make any changes needed.


Date Range Duplication

When you choose Date Range as the duplication method Ditat will create copies of the Shipment for each day you select with all the same details as the original shipment but the appointments will be set to the same times for each date selected.

In the example above the system will make New Shipments that will have the same information as Shipment SH-00000000299, but there will be one on Monday, Feb. 17, Tuesday, Feb. 18, Wednesday, Feb. 19, Thursday, Feb. 20th and so on for each Monday - Friday between February 14 and the 21st.


The system created 6 shipments that were identical just one for each date.

Duplicating Shipments video

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