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The Ditat Customer Portal is designed to give Customers access to details on Shipment and Invoice data.

Login Screen

The Login Screen is where you will enter the Account Id and the Username and Password to Log into the Portal.  Customers can access the customer portal by going to: 


The Dashboard will give you a snapshot of Available Equipment, Current Shipments, and Invoice details.


Available Equipment

The available equipment screen will allow you to search for trucks that are available currently.  you can search by Zones, State or Type of Trailer. 

Track Shipments

The Track Shipments screen will allow you to look up shipments.  The date range and Search will allow you to look up specific shipments. 


Shipment details 

You can view the details of a shipment by clicking on the information symbol next to the status.  Below is how the Shipment Details window will be displayed.



The invoices window will allow you to look at Invoices that have been posted in the Ditat TMS.  You can download a copy of the invoice and supporting documents by clicking on the PDF Icon.


Setting up the Customer Portal Video


Using the Customer Portal Video





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