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What you should know about Customer Data Integration?

  • Ditat TMS does not pull data from QuickBooks. So, if you edit customer data in QuickBooks it will not be updated in Ditat TMS, this data will most likely be reset to Ditat TMS version if someone updates customer in Ditat TMS.
  • Ditat TMS only sends certain fields to QuickBooks (see below). Other fields can be changed/added in QuickBooks and will not be affected by export.
  • Ditat TMS will create a customer in QuickBooks only when an invoice or credit memo needs to be exported.
    • Once a customer has been exported to QuickBooks - Ditat TMS will sync updates from Ditat TMS every time you edit this Customer.
  • Ditat TMS will use Accounting System Id from Maintain Customer Screen as main List ID for QuickBooks.

Fields exported and updated in QuickBooks

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