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While the majority of the application functionality is available inside a browser, certain features require access to the OS. This means that Elevated Permissions need to be configured.

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Regular websites do not require elevated permissions such as access to the local hard drive, the ability to open Microsoft Excel, access to your computer's scanner, or integration with Outlook. Click here to access Microsoft's article explaining the technical details.


Enabling Elevated Permissions

In order to give the Ditat TMS access to elevated permissions, you must do the following:

  1. A specific registry entry needs to be made on the client's PC.
  2. The SSL certificate used to sign our application needs to be put into Trusted Roots.


Enabling Elevated Permissions Using the Installation Package

  1. Click here to download the installation package that will automatically configure your system.
  2. Run the installation.

  3. When running the installer you will see the box above you will need to click more info to continue.
  4. Click run anyway
  5. IMPORTANT: Restart your browser.


Add Ditat as a Trusted Site

You will want to add Ditat as a trusted site in Internet Explorer this will speed up uploading processes and make finding files on your machine easier when searching from Ditat.  

  1. Go to settings/Internet Options
  2. Go to the Security Tab click on Trusted Sites and then Clik the Sites box.
  3. Add Address to Trusted Sites.


You can now save and close and restart your browser.




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